Muldoon's History

Muldoon’s Men’s Wear: Our History

In September 1950, Frank Muldoon embarked on a bold venture, opening Muldoon’s Men’s Wear in what appeared to be a remote and desolate location along the two-lane U.S. Highway 53. Surrounded by a sparse landscape of trees and sand, devoid of other retail establishments, the odds seemed stacked against him. Skeptics chuckled, some even proclaiming, “Muldoon, you’ll never last six months!” Yet Frank possessed a strategic vision.

To attract customers, he ingeniously partitioned the building, renting the left half as a women’s beauty salon. His reasoning was astute: most families owned just one vehicle, and husbands dropping off their wives at the salon could conveniently shop at Muldoon’s during that time.

Frank Muldoon

 Frank’s intuition proved correct. Business flourished. By 1956, he expanded the store, adding more floor space. In 1968, Frank transformed the former beauty salon into an extension of his menswear business. Today, our total selling area spans approximately 3000 square feet. We now thrive amidst a bustling shopping center that has evolved around us over the years. While signs have changed, paint has been refreshed, and neighbors have come and gone, our unwavering commitment remains—the same spot where we first opened our doors in 1950.

Starting at around 10 years old, John Muldoon, Frank’s son, began to do odd jobs around the store until he was old enough to help sell. John gradually assumed greater responsibilities in the daily operations. In 1975, he assumed the role of president at Muldoon’s, working alongside his father until Frank’s retirement in 1986. In 1996, John propelled Muldoon’s Men’s Wear onto the global stage by establishing the online store, Even as Frank’s physical presence faded, his legacy endures, etched into the fabric of our establishment.

John Muldoon

Our journey of growth, expansion, and success has been made possible by the unwavering support of our loyal and gracious customers. It is with deep gratitude that we continue to serve not only the Chippewa Valley but also the global community. To everyone who has stood by us throughout the years, we extend our heartfelt appreciation.

Muldoon's Sale Staff