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Tuxedo Rental and Sales

Tired of gambling with online retailers for your wedding?  Stop in at Muldoon's today for a personal experience with experts in the field.  We offer both purchase and rental options with a variety of styles and fits for you and your groomsmen.  Each member of the party is sized, fitted, and readied on site for your special occasion.  Call 715-832-3502 (800-942-0783) to schedule a wedding party consultation and visit our store during normal business hours to see what we have to offer.


Rental Information

Plan ahead.  A good rule of thumb is to visit us at least 3 months prior to your wedding, prom or other special event to pick out your rental options.  Although we are able accommodate you closer to the wear date, options are more limited during higher rental seasons the closer you are to that date.

Get measured.  In a perfect world, we really would prefer all members of your group are measured at our store.  If you have out of town members, they will need to be measured at their local men's shop.  Please note, any measurements not done in our store are not guaranteed by us, and may incur an extra fee if replacement pieces are required after the rental has arrived.

Try it on.  We normally receive rentals a few days prior to the wear date.  For weddings, we will contact the groom/bride and it will be their responsibility to let the wedding party know.  Proms and other rentals will be contacted individually.  All rentals must be tried on in our store to guarantee fit, no exceptions.

Return it.  All rentals are due back Monday morning following the event date.  Any late returns may incur a late fee charge starting at $25.00 per day.  Each rental requires a credit card on file and it will be charged unless a prior agreement has been discussed with us first.

Additional Information. 

-Tuxedo's vary in price and options.  We can give you an estimate over the phone, but for true rental cost you will need to visit our store and pick out your options.

-We can not guarantee a specific arrival date of your rental, sorry.

Purchase Information

Plan ahead.  Although we carry a large selection of suits in store, many times we will need to order additional sizes to complete your order.  Please visit us, at minimum, 3 months prior to your wedding,

Get measured.  As with rentals, we would prefer all members of the wedding party come to us to be measured.  If not possible, please have your out of town members get measured at their local men's store.  All suits for your wedding are ordered at the same time, so we ask that everyone is measured as soon as possible to avoid delays or backorders.

Try it on.  As soon as your suit has arrived, we will contact you to have it fitted.  Please come in immediately as it will allow our seamstress enough time to alter the coat and pants if required.  We will have you try on all pieces of the suit package to verify fit prior to leaving the store.

What we offer.  The most common colors are Black, Charcoal, Light Grey and Navy.  Looking for something else?  Come on in and take a look at the selections we can offer.

Blended Suit Information:
See prices below for our blended suits.  These are sold as separate pieces to fit all body shapes and sizes and makes for a close-to-custom fit that will ensure your wedding party looks fantastic.

Suit Jacket
Suit Jacket
Suit Pant
Suit Pant
Suit Vest
Suit Vest
Price: $180.00 Price: $55.00 Price: $55.00

100% Wool Suit Information:

Starting at $350.00 per suit.  With our wool collections we are not able to sell by the piece as we do with our blend collection, and vest options are limited to the main colors (black, navy, charcoal).

Discounted Accessories:

Wedding parties that order 6 or more 2-Piece suits (jacket and pant) or 3-Piece suits (jacket, pant and vest) will also receive 20% off on the following items:

Shirts Starting at $35.00
Ties Starting at $35.00
Belts Starting at $30.00
Shoes Starting at $85.00
Socks Starting at $5.00

**Basic suit alterations are included free.  Major alterations will be quoted if needed.